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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday and Monday post

Sorry folks but for the next week or so I will be OUT, there may be a few post from time to time but there will be no more pictures until at least the 11th of December.  Reasons are using a notbook that will not hold the size pictures I take, once I am at my desktop again life will go back to it's norms. 

To everyone in the family .. I love you, see you soon.
To Friends, Life is fun, adventures are everywhere and Please take advantage of it!

Natalie... Thank you so much for all you are doing to help me out.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Cold weather, Wind hurts

The sun is beautiful but the wind in pearcing to the ear, the skin and my bones.  Getting out and cleaning stalls, picking up leaves, and cleaning dry lots are even harder in this weather but like any other day have to be done.  Life here rarely changes.  I'll write more tomorrow.  Much love to you all.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rush of the Holiday!

While everyone else is rushing around, worried about having all the normally forgotten last minute items, my life is as normal and steady as any other day. We are NOT traveling to our families for the Holiday, and not even preparing any large meal for us to share. I am saving my calories for exotic foods later in the year, and I am not sure of Jerry’s reasoning. 

I took the longer way around to and from the barn today as I was afraid to get into the lines that are regular the day before Thanksgiving. There is a nice little farm store on Sugar Hollow, that provides the area with all the free range turkeys, and any other meat you prefer for the season. But with the killing, plucking and cooling of turkeys that gobbled just yesterday, people were sure to be lined up to get their lbs ordered.

It is nice knowing where your food came from, how it was raised, and how it was humanly put to rest. This little store prides it self with Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Chickens, Pigs, and Turkeys.  Note, most of cute animals on the side bar of this blog are of their animals, happy, healthy, loved and cared for. 

Not only does this farm store provide the area with abundance of meat, they have apples of all types, home made cider, soaps, locally made pottery, and other nick nacks that one might like for home and garden and the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting the locals with every purchase.


This little place is Hickory Nut Gap Farm, in the apple season, provides daily horse rides, petting zoo, games, along with the seasonal pumpkin picking, and corn maze. This place is truly one of those little treasures that if not venturing off the main road one would miss the wonders that could be shared with family and friends.

IF you come to the area a trip to Hickory Nut Gap Farm is one that should go on your list. As when NOT the apple season the store is open on Thursdays but if you call ahead a Horse ride (they have a variety of horses for ANY skill level , over 20 horses) can be scheduled on most days except Sunday. This place even has one of the best summer camps around offering horseback riding, clay, drawing, acting classes; it is an amazing place!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Where I left off.

These are the markers of a driveway on Sugar Hollow, a drive merely to a barn and NOT to a residence.  I so enjoy these markers.  At glance they look nice but not so interesting you have to stop, but if you are one of the many walkers OR one of the many horse riders on the road you get time to really look.  And when you do, you see beautiful details.

Apparently made by an artest, the life they show is amazing!  It is all in the small details of which I must show more closely.

This Orange and Yellow Flower adorns both sides of the drive. Look at the nails/thorns, but notice the delicate flower petals, such an enjoyable piece to look at, but one of the many things people drive by and never notice on this road.

These beautiful Yellow flowers only adore ONE side of the drive but make a bright beautiful statement, so those looking for the place notice the brightness from under the canopy of shading trees no matter the time of year.

This bird is one of the hidden things you don't see unless you really look, but one of my favorite aspects of this driveway marker.
One last thing... is the lanterns IN the cacti... when light shines they are impressive!

While the people on this road take EXTRA time and care to their properties... There are things in your everyday drive that you are missing.  What can you notice today? What little thing can you find to make you smile on your way to work? On your way home after a hard day?
Life... We sometimes have to search out the unusual.  Tell me what you find!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday, Typical but full of energy

While the morning is cold, wet and the type of weather no one wants to be exposed to; I am full of energy, having had time with an old friend yesterday. One of those friends no matter the length of time, you pick up where you left off, you instantly feel they are a part of your life and you theirs. Connections to home, past, present and future. The high of sharing new experiences together and the general sense of just being happy. While the weather was no better yesterday with our visit, it did not dampen our walk, talks, and venturing out into Asheville.

Troy and I just drove around the major roads, so he would have a feel of the land. We then took in a meal at my favorite restaurant; Salsa's, the locally owned Mexican Caribbean style food that can NOT be describe in the English Language. The spices that run through each dish, the flavors mixed you never dreamt of putting together, there is nothing standard about this favorite eatery! Nothing standard at all! Not food, drink or atmosphere, a place to get away and into something different, and that we did.

A drive to my other favorite place, the Grove Park Inn. While historic to the area and the blue bloods of days past, it is a marvel to me with their advanced green roof top. From the main building to the outdoor hot tub is a living roof top to be surpassed by no other in the South East. Not just the norm of sedum and grasses but Trees, Waterfalls and walk ways are on this roof, something I wanted to share with Troy sense he works for a company who's home country has many advanced roofing as this. I can only hope this is a roof of the future!

Feathers are from Maya my Maximillion Pionus, the berrys from a bush at the barn.

Hope your day is a colorful as mine, regardless of the weather!

Friday, November 20, 2009

People, People and more People.

In the last few months I have had luck!  We have had SEVERAL customers stop by to say hello, several girl friends come into town from a good distance away.  Friends to go out to eat with, and now I have a childhood friend whom is not an hour away, I am hoping to get together with him this weekend. 

I can't believe I have been married for such a long time and Troy and Jerry have never met.  I can't wait!  One more person to show around Asheville and a connection to old family friends, I wish my sisters could be here, as he and they would all love catching up!   We are shooting for Sunday while it is raining ... not that fun but who cares!

The picture has nothing to do with the post except the reminder of sweet smells, sweet times, and a lovely day to be had.

I'll have to post more later.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A week off.

While this is merely a place for me to keep in touch, write my emotions, share my boaring days... the weather as of late has been so pretty I could not force myself to be infront of the computer any more than necessary for work.

Today is only the second day into the average tempatures of November and here we are in the third week!  Today is also the first day of rain in the forcast again.  Only two days of the next 7 are without rain, so I am sure you will hear more of me in this time.

In the days I did not post, I was talking to friends, being outside with the horses, watching a +/- film ( a video/type not a block buster)  being recorded on a nearby farm, I took Navarre out for his very first real trail ride with five other horses.   Planned my garden setting for next year, added manure to my reserve piles at the house for the garden.

I have been busy.  I have not, however been with the camera on my shoulder, this too will change...

While in the past I have never caught up with the days missed, no pictures, no real stories, I hope to start posting ONLY twice a week on average so there is more to share and I am not stuck to a computer on days I could be outside and be creative.

My love to you all!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Colorful World.

It is VERY late for me, but my mind runs wild with colors and textures. I picked up another magazine just yesterday and in doing so, my mind has picked up speed. The magazine I choose has increased my need for more artistic endeavors. So I got together some things in my house I refused to throw away, and was hoping to keep to inspire me. As of today keeping these things has started to pay off.

When I was MUCH younger I drew, painted and did anything I could with color and textures. I refused to throw away my brush collection. I have sense collected a few things that I love. The Chicken feathers from a farm I once lived, and the colorful feathers from my parrots.

I took pictures of a few of these things I like so much as my mind wanted More, I reached for a few more things and before I knew it I had my paints out. I wasn't sure I even had creativity still with in my mind, eyes, or hands. This is what playing around with the camera did for me tonight!

Hope it's not too bright for you, but I enjoyed the feeling of wet paints on my skin, the mixture of colors as I played. The feel of a brush in my hand felt as natural as it once did, but I am sure had I kept my mind fresh (as these last few days as only dusted the muck from the corners of my mind) I could have done things that could inspire others.

I have always seen life in terms of BRIGHT colors, no black very little white. Nothing is as defined as it is in scripture, a book or even most art. Life to me is only a mixture of what you make it, I make mine FULL of Colors like this tiny canvas.

I can only hope your life is as colorful as YOU like it!

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Morning of Energy...

The morning sun is bright and electrifying, the cool breeze from the mountain tops roll down to the valleys. The farms are in full steam, putting rich nitrogen waste from the dairy farm on the pastures so the cover crops will be perfect all winter. The morning is so full of energy I grab the camera because I know with the feeling in the air my horses will be full of life and run and frolic as soon as I let them out.

When I arrive at the barn the horses are dull, dirty, and almost still asleep. As soon as I open the second gate allowing them access to the pasture, it all kicks into another gear. Sweetpea no doubt wakes up Joe and Steve with her snorting and prancing the length of the pasture. Navarre is so heavy his feet tear into the pasture throwing mud in his wake with a sound of a heard of horses instead of just a baby at play. He loves to run and play but Sweetpea is too stodgy to play with him, she sees herself as either his protector from other horses or the only one allowed to beat up on him when ever she feels like it. He is after all only a toy to her, he amuses her, and she pushes and tells him what to do.

The reality is Navarre could put her down with one kick, but he is too sweet and kind to hurt her, he loves her but only cares about food! As long as he has food, he could care less what she wants! She on the other hand is the boss of everything, and he is only allowed to look at her if she feels like it. Such opposite personalities, such opposite rides, but this is after all why I have the two opposite ends of the spectrum; to allow me a choice of what kind of ride or mind I want to deal with. I can not wait till I can ride Navarre at any time, for any length of time I wish. I have only been at this dream for almost 4 years now. Jerry has had several motorcycles in the time I have chosen Navarre’s parents, awaited his arrival and now just allowing him to be old enough to ride. I can not wait, but at last the wait is almost over.

To continue my ride to and from the barn …as you can see just across the pasture, is a small but incredible log cabin. I do not have access to the history of the cabin any longer, as the owner is now elder and in an assisted living facility. But from the little time I was able to spend with him over the years I did collect that he purchased two small cabins and fused them to create the one he has standing. He and his family use this as a guest house, but they rent it out when the family is not residing within. It is a lovely place, BUT the interest in this property is NOT the cabin for me… it is the connection to my living in a fish bowl that I can not resist mentioning as I have not repeated this story to anyone other than Jerry.

Mr. Gordon James, worked for an oil company back in the early 1900’s and ran the district around Nashville TN of all places. When invited to his house years ago for cheese, wine and hors d‘Oeuvres. I never imagined I would hear stories of his account in Joelton TN. Yes Mr. James Gordon was the connection for Aunt Mary’s store .. JB’s as we called it in my day to get their gas. Can you imagine? Uncle Roland, Aunt Mary had direct connections with this man that lived across the street from where my horses are until just recently.

I questioned him, Oh yes I know the Lain’s he said… I know exactly the place across from the little white church… I don’t remember the name of the church but a little white building. It was on the way to … my next county… that farm town… Springfield. Yes Springfield was it. If you can only imagine my heart skipped a bit. I could not believe this man states away again knew my family in an indirect way. Of course being so far away, having lost 3 of 4 of my grandparents by this time it only warmed my heart to know that fish bowl effect was still there after all these years.

Several more trips to Mr. James’ house gave me much information, he directed me to my favorite cheese company in the area and for this I am grateful, as I too, much like Navarre, can be driven by food.

A cute little place that one could easily miss driving down the road. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today started out well enough. I got through my chores; but on my way home from the barn for the first time in a week, I stopped to take some more pictures. While I have yet to post even 1/100th of what I have taken, I find it is the act of taking the pictures that inspires me to write.

So to continue my drive to the barn in description… up Hollywood Drive up this incredible little road there is an old corn crib that catches my attention each day, but no one has been at the house in order for me to stop and ask permission to take pictures. My parents taught me to never trespass, regardless it was not allowed, some things in my life have not changed.

This little corn crib is different every day, the rolling fog, the lazy sun, the trees around it. While my family didn’t have an existing corn crib by design we did have a building we housed all our yearly corn for the cattle. This little building brings back all those memories of walking into our corn crib and looking around to see all the wondrous tools no longer used, old, rusty, and lonely in my mind.

This corn crib I pass each day makes my mind wonder of old cattle, the day I got Spirit, the OLD Tobacco barn and its lovely smell. One of my favorite smells, the smell of dark fire tobacco in the fall. Days of playing in the old barn on Aunt Mary’s place, no longer there, but still vivid in my mind. How the road divided into pastures and a round about road so used the old truck had a hard time leaning hard to one side and eventually retired in my days. I wonder what ever came about that old road? The property long sold off, new houses, people who have no idea of its rich history. The property that housed the only mill in the area, the old family houses long gone and barely remembered at all. How sad the houses were compared to what now stands on that land.

It is amazing what driving by an old corn crib can do for your mind, memories, senses, and mood. One lone piece that puts my mind at ease and takes me back to riding in the truck with my Pawpaw when ever he allowed me to tag along.  Both I and what ever dog he had at the time would wait at full attention, not being able to ask to go; as Friend (the first dog I remember him having) couldn't ask and I wasn't allowed.  There were plenty of times he didn't take either of us, plenty of times only the dog was allowed, but when I went, we always took the dog with us.  To me it only ment we were going to have more fun, I had someone (the dog) to run around with when we stopped.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The way to the barn is full of things people on vacation would find wonder in.  It is not unusual for me to dodge someone whom has decided to stop in the road to take a picture of cows on the side of the road.

This little photo is a local Serve Your Self Stand.  It is full of food or closed, they keep everything on ice as stated on the banner.  The pole to the left is the money drop.  You take what you want and are trusted to leave the correct amount of money.  You can see where the food is grown, and we all drive by or some of us even ride our horses by this place on a regular basis. 

This little stand is run by Annie Louise and her family.  It is amazing what all she has; She supplies many of the good eating establishments in Asheville, and as strange as it sounds... compared to Nashville TN there are several woundful places to eat around here.    I have never tasted veggies as sweet as what comes out of my garden, but the next best thing is a local stand that dares not to travel its food any more than 50 feet from the garden to this wonderful bed on ice until someone like myself drives by to take it home and prepare a meal the same day.
I have a habit of seeing what is available first thing in the morning... thinking it over and picking up what I need on my way back from the barn in the middle of the day.