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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The way to the barn is full of things people on vacation would find wonder in.  It is not unusual for me to dodge someone whom has decided to stop in the road to take a picture of cows on the side of the road.

This little photo is a local Serve Your Self Stand.  It is full of food or closed, they keep everything on ice as stated on the banner.  The pole to the left is the money drop.  You take what you want and are trusted to leave the correct amount of money.  You can see where the food is grown, and we all drive by or some of us even ride our horses by this place on a regular basis. 

This little stand is run by Annie Louise and her family.  It is amazing what all she has; She supplies many of the good eating establishments in Asheville, and as strange as it sounds... compared to Nashville TN there are several woundful places to eat around here.    I have never tasted veggies as sweet as what comes out of my garden, but the next best thing is a local stand that dares not to travel its food any more than 50 feet from the garden to this wonderful bed on ice until someone like myself drives by to take it home and prepare a meal the same day.
I have a habit of seeing what is available first thing in the morning... thinking it over and picking up what I need on my way back from the barn in the middle of the day.

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