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Monday, October 14, 2013

Celebration of life.

While I have gone to a few funerals in my short years,  I have to admire the different last stance of my dear Aunt Gale. 
Aunt Gale knew at a young age she only wanted to see the good in people.  She didn't care that it cost her dearly in many ways...it was important to HER that she knew she had done all she could.
She shared her life and children with a man she cared for deeply; till there was little to no return.  She shared her days at work with each coworker as family.  She shared a love for humans who were misjudged, misfortune, and misguided.  We were are equal in her eyes... she was a rare human... but as was mumbled behind me at service... she had the best teacher her mother, my Nannie.
She had time to plan her goodbye to the world.  She wanted no visitation, as life is intended to be lived and her friends knew who they were.  She did not like  sitting around the gone... she did not care for grave site standing as earth consumed the vault.   She wanted a celebration, she wanted those left behind to celebrate her life, their life, and those to come. 
She choose things so VERY different from anything the family had ever done... but finally... for once in her life it was about her... her wishes,her wants, her hopeful memories she could plant in the minds of her grandchildren.  So.. playful beautiful balloons were handed out and released at the end of the celebration of her life. It was actually beautiful... and I for one admire how she planned, talked it out with my sister, made her agree to request we had never considered.  She had mentioned all the different request to several.. but it was up to my sister to protect Aunt Gale's plan... a job I would have refused in an instant. 
I spent my young years following around my Aunt, and my cousin Dickie, then anyone else when they were not around.  My Aunt was the older sister I did not have.  That taste of understanding when generation gaps are painful during teenage years.  She was my breakfast / coffee club confidant.  She was more to me than I can describe.
I love her
I told her.
I made sure she knew. 
I miss her more than any other human I have lost thus far.  My throat lumps with even a hint of her or thought. My eyes well up beyond sight.  I think of the good. I try so hard not to dwell on the lost but what she wanted. I will be a basket case for a while to come!
As we discussed what had to happen.. She said as much as I,  that she loved me.  That she loved us all... Betsy Amanda Danny after her kids and grandkids...of course...  all as it should be.
Grief can be overwhelming for some,  and for some life shattering.  We each have our own way of feeling, processing , and expressing that grief.  Her choices being so different were bound to bring this out even more so.
I was happy to stand back... as she and I often did at these things... and be lucky enough to see the beauty she wanted us to see... the way she wanted us too. 
Gale a caterpillar now a butterfly.
Gale grasping and being beauty.  Simple beauty of balloons rising into a perfect blue sky!
Gale free of earthbound agony grief or pain.

Gale a direct messenger of a higher power.  A rare human.  A missed mother, sister, aunt, class-mate, neighbor, or friend. 
I know it is not in focus but it was the best I could do with a phone instead of a camera.
kids, balloons, and a beautiful day... who could ask for more.
 As Aunt Gale would say... Have A Blessed Day!


  1. beautiful...wish I could have said it that well on Saturday.....beautiful...

    1. Amanda. I could never have done what you did! I stood back at the graveyard and cried like a baby... while you were addressing everyone. ? I only made it through the service because I kept my head down and didn't look around.