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Saturday, October 5, 2013

a wonderful day.

I drove home at 3am this morning.  I could not sleep where I was and ... life is too short to worry about sleeping when you really just want to get your day started.

Birds arrived... I got them settled

Horses had plenty of hay so... I took my time getting over there.  When I did I Unlocked the gate to allow Sweet Pea to graze as I took Navarre out for a short ride. 

A ride that tested his patience, as I made him stop to talk to several people along the way.  I think he wanted to get the ride over and be done.  I was enjoying my stops along the way and only concerned about how long Sweet Pea was grazing. 

We made it down the road, did a few circles as we headed back up as he wanted to trot... No trotting on the road in my book SO.... working his hind end tends to make him more tired along the way and makes him listen without having to use my legs or arms like crazy.   One simple hind end request in rhythm and he jumps at the command.  

An enjoyable ride and when I got back to the barn Sweet Pea had not pushed the gate open, had not gone out to graze... but was screaming her head off for sure.  (I do NOT allow Navarre to yell back if I am riding! )  One of my rules!

I then came across a friend again and in doing so, took her home and went to see her new home.  I am so happy for her.  She of course offered for me to come over any time... AND wanted to allow the horses to graze on her four acres at any point needed.    Life for her will be a little more settled when she gets moved, and I can only be happy for her and her family.

There are never photos when I ride... I am too busy paying attention to what is going on... Cars speeding by, trucks with straight pipes, and my favorite the mail carrier with a horrible muffler hanging off..... ? should be a noise law on his old car!   But Navarre did wonderful.  My only upset was the turtle that had been run over in the road.  I hate when someone hits a turtle.  They hurt little and move so slow how can you not go over it, go around it?  Why hit a turtle of all things?

At any rate my day settled by feeding the horses, playing with all the birds again.  Making sure my young charges were happy and full for the night.  They are covered and have quilts for night chills.

I can only hope your day was half as good as mine.

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