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Friday, October 18, 2013

A quiet end.

I sit above my barn, watching the horses graze, hearing the woodpecker somewhere behind me.   Life is sweet; sour and even painful at times.   I am thankful it has been a good day for me, one day at a time trying to enjoy my horses and the quiet of this little plot.  I am VERY thankful of the simplicity of this little place. 
The morning started late today... my shadow long, and my horses out to pasture.
I am allowing the horses out more and more each time I go feed.  It makes my day longer but it also gives me time to breathe deep, think quietly, and allow myself some me time.

The view this morning from the front pasture looking back up to the barn, gate open, horses out and about.
My sweet little girl, just after having her rain coat taken off.  It was a beautiful sunny day and horses need the sun as much as we do.  Besides I do not want her blanketed all the time as she rarely gets a winter coat and a blanket only slows it coming in as well. 
The blanket, washed on sanitize setting ... re sprayed is now out on the line to dry....
Fat boy... my sweet boy... is out and about this morning eating like a rhino and pushing everything around he can find.

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