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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Navarre... my wonderful little fat boy had such a great day... running bucking... and out on grass twice today.  This is not what his life has always been.  Now that we have such a great feed he can afford to have a little grass and be a natural horse twice a day as their feed soaks, I put out hay, and clean up their messes from the day.

My little Sweet Pea with one of her best friends...
She loves for this young lady to pet, brush, lead, and entertain her!
It is a great day that we all have time together!
Sun is out and expected to be a decent.... life is good... horses are happy ... and I am staring to recover from the loss of a dear sweet Aunt.  The one person in all my life that did not try to teach me any lessons but was there for me at any point at any time. 
It was a good day today...

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