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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

to do list

I found late last night (text) I am off today!
So I turned off my alarms, and went back to sleep.

Today my to do list is long but I may have to do only one thing..... RIDE my little boy and do ground and back exercises with my little girl.

BUT I will try to get this all done.

1. Unload oven stove drawers.  (two eyes dead, and now the oven has died) replacement on the way at some point this week. 
2. Take extra large trash bags to barn and pick up around.  hay strings, rice and corn oil containers, and busted buckets.
3. Take Navarre for a ride.
4. Work with Sweet Pea...
5. Take load trash into truck.
6. Take truck to trash drop.
7. Start putting together solar heat for water container I am building this winter for NEXT winter!
8. Put more of my dried food supply into more mason jars.
9. clean out my closet!
10. Lay out clothes for work tomorrow! going in very early!

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