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Thursday, October 24, 2013


I know... Life happens... The cold of winter has to hit at some point!

I have been in a funk sense my Aunt passed away.  Yes I had to take off work, then yes I kicked myself in the tuckus and hop back on the train of life.

BUT ... today I had that PERFECT ride that finally made life seem colorful again.
Yesterday strong north western winds blew into town and took down all the leaves that had decent color.    It didn't matter today!

I got a call from work that I wasn't needed today! Which is always a double edge blade.  One no hours means no pay.  TWO it wasn't planned so I couldn't possibly get everything done I could want to.....

I did in fact take the day for me.
to extend facts... I sit here still smelling like a horse on my leather sofa and still don't care!

I have yet to take off my riding boots, full seated pants, or even my bright shirt I use for visibility on the roads. 
Navarre and myself at the driveway to the barn.

I walked down the mountain with Navarre responding to my every leg command.  We were passed by large trucks, even a bucket cable truck twice he didn't care... didn't flinch... he did however smell the trash cans along the way.  But again quickly responded when my leg got too close to a mail box or two.  It was nice.

we are headed back up to the barn on the estate.
I trotted up the mountain and even let him get into third gear... if you know what I mean for just a minute till he wanted back on the pavement!   Even with his fully padded feet I do not want shin splints etc... to deal with.
What a PERFECT ride feels like~!

My hubby was at the drive waiting on us as we made it back to the barn!

He brought supplies I needed to finish my insulation box for the water!
What a perfect ride looks like to me.! as I ride! quite only the sound of his feet...  full of color and dabbled like an oil painting!

at this point it was ALMOST done... now it is...


I finally got it done! But at this point I could care less because I had such a great ride on my little boy!

Then as normal... you see hair flying! Navarre rolling in dirt! above!

WR Prince Navarre brought me back to life today!
Life is finally brighter!

My love to the world...

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