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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rough morning.

Navarre was acting like I'd not fead him in days. My normal routein in the morning is to feed my little girl (sweet pea) before I give the fat boy his feed. I do this because it takes her longer to eat as where he acts like a ghost hovers over his food ready to steel it at any breath taken above the bowl. This morning I gave my little girl her food and made the mistake of taking off her blanket BEFORE giving Navarre his rice bran. He fought her away from her food, making me stay and defend the feed from him.... It was a ten minute ordeal. Lesson learned..... I can't do anything till he has his feed! Poor little boy, I wish he wasn't so food driven, he is fat as can be, I exercise as much as I can with three jobs to pay for his vet bills, but with all the oil he needs.... He gets very little feed, just old grass hay, but they get about a bail a day between them. All is well, he just had to teach me a timely lesson today!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rain, and a chill maves back into our are! Just as poor sweet pea is starting to shed her winter coat. This morning was a panic for me as she stood in the rain shaking as if it were sub zero weather. So as I was leaving for work, my little morning emergency was getting her to stand still and allow me to put her rain cost n her while holding my flashlight as best I could. Navarre could have cared less as he was running back and forth to and from the pasture not settled for worry about sweetpea.

I got them settled, fed, her blanketed, and was off to work, we're the day continued in the same way. One thing after another as the day continued.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Life is at a fast pace ... the weeds are starting to come in, so lots of work to do.  My pasture is more beautiful than it has ever been but is almost perfect for hay.  I am allowing it to go to seed one more time, then I shall allow my mare to start eating on it from time to time.

Navarre is not as tight as a drum any more... his back and rump have started to loosen up a little as well.  I have for the past two weeks been moving them from the ? questionable hay to the new stock.  today I shall feed them only the good stuff!

A new sidewalk is going in at the barn, yet once again I have not taken my camera only shot with my phone so nothing to share here.

I have two extra birds in the house today, they settled in last night ...
So full schedule goes into effect today...
Pirates' Lair work done!
1/2 cup of coffee I need to re-warm
feed the birds hot breakfast before I leave,
On to the barn,
then to the B&B where 14 await breakfast! I can only hope my help shows up today! she didn't the last two working days she had.?

oh well.
My life...
Any life..
fast fast fast.

My love to the world...
May I sleep well tonight!