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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finally I can start to breathe

With the help of two men, actually four but only two at a time, we got the fence 98% done!  And just in time!

As Navarre's back is getting tighter and tighter, I finally have a place he can't so easily get out and into the grass. His gate/ movements are still well, and just today he ran around the pasture as I chased him back to the paddock, beautiful as he moves, but the grass being so deadly is mind boggling to me.

It is the most difficult type of torture ... I'm not able to allow my little boy to relax and graze like any other horse in the world.  What little grass he got while the barrier of fence and pasture was weak, down, or I was too weak to fight him off and work at the same time almost did him in this week.

The grass is greener everyday and thus we completed my little fence just in the nick of time.  Hopefully this will save my little boy much of the pain he has experienced over the past few years come spring.  Hopefully this will allow me time to sit, breathe, and admire my little boy having that much longer of a life.

Fence is up! We shall see how long this one last!

My love to the world

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

4 days ...

It has only taken me 4 days to get my head above water with this electronic issue ...

I am not done as this moment but I hope to be back on firm ground as of tonight.  Although we shall see how tired I am.

My plan for the day is ... Tractor Supply, Southern States, and a truck load of MEN! Yep! I hope to pick up some Vets at the Vets Quarters and get some assistance with Digging, Setting and putting up some fencing.  Life is too short to be so worried every moment as I drive to the barn.

My farm hand got lots done, but his other job is delving into my time line and it's turning into an emergency...
Can't allow this fencing issue to extend into Spring... not that this winter hasn't already been acting like spring.
As buttercups/ daffodils are all bloomed out, Phlox is pink, winter jasmine bloomed all winter, and the witch hazel tree is all but in leaves...   So much for a yellow spring!

On to work, On to the computer issues, data entry mostly at this point! Other than insurance quotes needed for shipping that still do not work on one of the programs... ? ugh....

Life... it keeps rolling no matter!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A light at the end of the tunnel

While my computer has been dead, and files corrupted upon re entering updated (newly purchased) program... The light at the end of the tunnel is I may have most of the week off!

Oh how I need such a week to get all this data entry taken care of... not to mention calling program companies/ on line companies to get updated programs/ software etc...

Wish me luck!
I'll need every bit I can get.

Friday, February 17, 2012

computer died... again.

I've not been around, as my computer once again decided to die!   At least this time I had called the computer guy and it DIED on him!   I am so happy it happened to him, not me, although being with out ... felt like forever! ... but only a few days.

I've not much time as I have much computer work for Pirates' Lair to catch up on, as shipping and billing all stopped in the process! Yep!

So I've one person working on a fence, although he didn't show up once this week due to rain!
So I have supplies to complete the fencing at the barn, then we move on to the pasture fencing.  This should help keep Navarre in more often than not.

Oh well.  just glad it's winter and very little grass, or green at all on our little wooded lot.

Love to the world ( now that I have a connection to it)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I can't do much more of this...

Navarre is getting out EVERY DAY! I can't take the stress.
I have a guy coming to help me get some new fences set in concrete with wood, and electric fencing ASAP... My issue is time, working around the horses, and MONEY...

why is it the basic things still cost money?
Just joking... I've been saving up for some new fencing, but Navarre is kicking all my plans into high gear.

I need another solar charger for the woods, so I can run TWO lines of electric on it instead of just one bare line and three ribbon lines.   I am also going to use some of my small locus trees as some of the fencing we shall see how it compared to the treated lumber all work out.  But even with treated lumber and painted... I will run electric on it to keep him from pushing it over.    He is so strong! and so hairy he doesn't feel the electric and the fencing is just a toy to him.  So I think the appearance of Stallion fencing is going to be my only way to keep him in.

Oh well... so much for a relaxing weekend.   More rain... more fencing... ?


Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Can you believe we are in February and it's nearly 60 degrees outside, we are not even expected to go into freezing this week at night.

I saw my first FULL BLOOM Buttercup Sunday... yep still in January!   This is fearful to me, I want so badly to shave my horses so they can be comfortable but as soon as I do, we are likely get another below zero day and I'll be in trouble / or worried about them all night.

I have a new tree to plant! An Orange Witch Hazel I have been wanting for years!   I will soon have assistance clearing a section above the barn so I can see it when I am with the horses; but not have it within their reach.  Witch Hazel ... while not productive as food, it has a skin soothing property after boiling the bark.  One more thing I can mark off my list for Jerry and I to be 1/2 way ok on our own once we move to the estate.   Next tree is the willow straight and weeping! all a must for allowing Sweet Pea to self medicate and allow Jerry and I willow tea for aliments!  

New bamboo shoots have emerged...
Flowers are showing their stems; thankfully mine are not in bloom yet.
My winter Jasmine has been in bloom ALL winter, I am worried about it... as I have never seen one in bloom for over a month, then going to full leaf... this poor thing just keeps blooming!

Plans for making a new fence around the barn yard, and down the middle of the pasture have been put into effect...
So hopefully Navarre will not be escaping at all hours of the day and night.  I am hoping to have new 2x6 fencing up by "real" spring so he will not get out, tie up, founder, and die on me.  This is my worst fear at the moment!   His safety is the weight on my shoulders.

No matter how much I cut his feed back he has to have hay... and my hay rations for the year are getting low.  New Hay will not be in season till May... this is another worry! as I have never allowed myself to get so low, but I was planning on being on the road for most of the winter and didn't want to OVER load my storage barn, although I shall never cut it this close again, not matter trip or no trip!

OH well with 50% rain expected for the day... I shall put on the rain coat and go pound in some T post so I can expand the kids running range within the woods this year.  No grass grows in our thick wooded areas so this will merely allow Navarre to pick a tree to shew and kill ? Winter firewood! oh well.  What else are we to do but try to make our kids happier!

My love to the world.