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Saturday, April 30, 2011

My absent neighbors have been here.

While my life is great! the closest house to the drive on the estate is a house that is used not two weeks out of the year!   A summer home for those from Hilton Head....
Just this last week it was .... occupied.

I am always thrilled to see them use that house!

While the house is in use ... not only is there a car in the drive but there are people always on the deck... as the views are breath taking!  They cook outside etc.. The other morning they were not on the deck but in the drive? Strange! I thought as I pulled into my drive! But... the air was sharp and only the birds made a noise in the neighborhood...

Until... I walked into my pasture!

While I have gate after gate on the estate... I also have a walk through! something I fit through; but the horses would never make that turn! so no issues.  Guest can come in and out at will!
I passed the gray gate, approaching the red, when I heard something move.
through the west wall and ...

There in my pasture where two small bears! Yes they were adorable! Yes they were terrified.. and RAN... Squalling like nothing I have ever heard before trying to squeeze though that stallion fence?   I could have cared less they were foraging on my rye and oats... My issue was knowing where mom was and if I was in her line of site!   I never found out... as the two babies squeezed through the fence and into the thick brush? I never even saw them cross the road.

Rumors have it... there is a bear den just above Roberts house?  As my neighbors have frequent visits from a 300lb bear all too often. On their deck with only a glass door between them and the bear...  They see the mother.. I am the first to report new babies... THIS year!

The issue is the SECOND story!
There is a loose/lost/ FREE cow on the road.  Not from our road... But it had been taken from a large herd, to this new house... and it broke loose, ? (not sure of the details) but with in 24 hours of being unloaded at its new place ... with no companion animals to keep it closer to home....
So it does not know where it lives.. has now been loose over 48 hours... drinks from the stream, and stays near those of us that have ? some pasture.

I can only hope the bears don't get it before the owner can put his hands on it!

LIFE... it is full of unexpected events... having baby bears on my place was ONE of those events.

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