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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why is life so hard?

Why do we all keep adding to our plates?
Why do we always want what someone else has?
How is that new gadget REALLY going to make my life more simple?
If all these things are made to SAVE TIME ... why do we as American's feel like we have no time?

I find I am most at peace at my barn...
Where I have NO electricity , NO pumped water, but I can hear everything... smell the roses, and think of things in great length.

I find having chosen to have my barn piratical but geriatric... has paid off!

I find I am wanting more and more of my life back to the VERY basic's of life.  Living with the weather.  I find   more and more  I want my house as simple as I can make it WITH modern inventions that TRULY make my life more simple.   Not things for looks, but all for function! BIG difference.

It seems to me the more time we save, the more we find to put in the place of what we wanted to get rid of.  I am at the point I am ready to have time.  Time to read... turning a page in a book... not a computer.  Time to talk to people face to face.   Time to cook for or with other people.

So No I do NOT want a big house,  I do NOT want designer clothes, I do NOT want a new car (mine is 10 now... and truck is... 9)  I do not want to add more, I simply want to experience more... like I did playing to hot lava in a volcano...

More REAL relationships... face to face...
More TRAVELS to experience new cultures, I learn so much from other countries... the way they live, the way the PLAY, RELISH life, and expect nothing!
More time with my family... although ALL are so far away.
More time on my horses... listening to the voices in my heart!

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