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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rain today!

I love a rainy day!
It is cold, wet and looks like winter.
Horses are cold, taking one blanket back to the barn for SweetPea, while Navarre is enjoying the relief from all his hair.

The cat is warm cozy and I took him a clean towel for his bed.

Life is as it should be here!
Simple and enjoyable.

Yesterday work was so demanding, I barely made it to the barn just after sun down.  Which meant I felt as some say about me... like a pioneer woman.  With no electricity and the opening of the barn facing east there is little to no light, so my trusty Coleman lantern is my only means of functioning in the dark. 

It is not real old! It is a plastic version, battery operated, rechargeable, and not a fire hazard for the barn.  It ALWAYS hangs at the left of the stall door UNLESS it is with me being recharged for the week.

I do have to say though... the light doesn't travel beyond the first TWO layers of hay, while throwing hay down four stacks... I slid to the bottom not being able to see beyond my first step.  Life around here is always fun, thank goodness I am still young enough to do things this way... allowing us to save for the hay barn one day.

I will add pictures later 
two pairs of socks, flannel pants and two tops... what glories an OLD rock house brings... No wonder the Europeans bring their animals in for the night... to heat the blymee... house!   ha ha ha....

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