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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


It is cold, wet and very gray here today, but this is what allows me to have water on the grass for my pasture AND gives me water for the horses so I do not have to haul it 4 miles, push it 6 feet, and wait to drain precious water I had to pay for from my house.

I have never really posted what I do here, but here goes.   I work for a motorcycle company! I work for ... Pirates' Lair Motorcycle Acessories  (yes this is a link to our site) My dearly loved... designs, engineers and makes parts for his toys... and the toys of other... little boys!  ha ha ha...

I on the other hand are so praticle I can't see making toys for my horses so I started a pet sitting business.
Paradise Sitters is what I call myself! 

I have fliers at the vet, in the town center, at the feed stores etc...  It is a very cheap way to start a company but SLOW is good when starting all over again.

If I am not at the office, I am cleaning the house, playing at the barn or caring for other people's animals to make spare change.

If you would like to know more let me know.  If not ... I'll go no further!

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