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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It hurts to move!!!!

For some reason I’m in a good place. While what feels like only hours ago I was on my last leg, I am now soaring as if I have wings.
While we all have several things going on, I’ve been trying to manage the business, the house, the horses,(meaning moving them from property to property in the trailer/ up and down curvy mountain roads, worry about time on fresh grass etc...)the estate, trying to get the gravely running, use it???? plant the garden etc... my list goes on and all. But they are each things I have to do every day and it just about killed me.

5am up ready to go. Filing, accounting and issues....till about 7

7 birds. Eat breakfast/ share with them...

8 house/ night time orders. Deliver to PO on way to horses.

9 horses, feed, clean stalls, clean dry lot, put poop and bad hay in truck for house/property planting/composting.

10 empty, truck, spray out bed, get gravely started, use it for breaking ground not touched for 6 years... HARD CLAY.... Morning Orders do and deliver to PO when on the way to get hay

11. Take truck/ get 50 bails of hay, feed, new pin for Gravely and sharpening stone for knife.

12. STOP / BREATHE and eat lunch.

12.30 move old hay forward, unload new hay, feed, Clean poop out of pasture, move horses.
1. Take ground breaking to a deeper level with new pin.
This took a while.

2. Go rake/ by hand, mix alfalfa (only a 1/4 of a bag... please!!!), timothy, orchard grass, carrots, turnips, clover, and a little short fescue for pasture planting, throw seed, and cover thrown area, at least ONE acer of the estate.
This took a while ... most of the evening. Till 6pm.
The oats and rye from fall are beautiful, I hate to have to cut them soon but... I’ll feed them to the horses and use the straw for insulating my fall crops/ extending my plant season later in the year.

6. Go to community garden and see the miracle. The Gravely is working perfectly! Stay, chat, figure out new uses of instrumentations.

I "think" I zoned out till 7:30 (early for the horses but I was ready to get a shower) when I had to go feed, hay, clean and make sure horses were groomed for the night. Navarre has really bad feet! I’ve trimmed the hair on his legs just so the bulb of his heal will get more air but they stay wet not no matter what I do, so they have to be picked three times a day and I medicate them heavily at night. He tends to still be such a baby and actually sleeps laying down at night, so this is my best time to keep the feet packed with medication..
yesterday was so perfectly run I couldn’t have asked for a better day.... life is good, but I am so sore I can hardly move! But boy did I sleep good last night

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  1. I know I keep saying the same things over and over, but THANK YOU FOR SHARING...I loved the story about Daddy and the car. Don't think I had heard it before. I am so grateful knowing you had such a wonderful relationship with them.