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Monday, April 27, 2009

OK so I haven’t written in DAYS....

BUT Friday was full speed, Jerry was out of town and I had several things I needed to do. I moved a friends Pony, which is now safe in her new home and much happier than in rented stables. Franklin was here working on the Gravely when ever he could. Still more issues. The man that mows the yard was here doing his thing.... Work to be done and still more appointments.
Saturday... Franklin was here again working on the Gravely with a helper. Still fuze after fuze. Two boxes.... me, bathing a horse that should be white that has more hair than any animal I have EVER had. It took me two hours just to make sure the main and tail were wet, and finally rinsed clean. Then I braided his hair but never got to SweetPea. Navarre was GEORGOUS for about five minutes.

Sunday I had help moving the compost pile further from the house, getting horse supplies, except for all the places that were closed. Getting the barn cleaned up for summer. Putting up all the winter gear, buckets, and blankets. Washing everything before it’s packed.
Monday... work, work and more work along with ... hay, feed, and seed. Franklin is out working on the Gravely AGAIN till dusk. BUT HE has it working, starting up with the key AND even have the tiller thing.... on it! I am so excited I’m still up and can’t go to sleep. I can’t wait to use it and see how long I can use it tomorrow until it blows up. Because what we did to it ... it will either work or burn itself out. Franklin has the orgional engine book for the silly thing and not once does it have a fuze as a part of the wiring... so we took it out. It appears with all the issues, someone was having a problem with it and "jerry rigged" it with a fuze to "help" their problem.... So after my changing two parts the only other ... the voltage regulator that re-charges the battery was the only other part left attached to the fuze. So after testing it and having issues he replaced it too. So... In the morning I’ll start her up and hopefully get my garden broken for the corn. As the best corn growing farm in the area planted theirs YESTERDAY.

I have to say, having gone through all this (and I am sure there will be more to come as the machine is so old.) ANY ONE whom doesn’t have respect for farmers or rural people needs to get a life. Living like this is truly one of those things that opens your eyes to really having to know about MANY things in life. While I have always loved and respected my maternal grandparents, and tried to absorb everything ever shared with me... I can’t imaging having lived back years ago with no internet to hash out my "tractor" issues. Or County extension office to get advise from about my pasture management.
While I sat at my grandparents table as an adult EVERY morning and absorbed every story ever told I wish I could ask Paw Paw what his first tractor was.

I know what his first car was, it was a style with a rumble seat. He had it when he lied and joined the army behind his mothers back even after his uncle had worked out the paperwork to keep him home when his time did come. Paw Paw had this car and it sat for a long time while he was at war over seas and he decided to sell it. Having never discussed what was REALLY going on back over here in the states he wrote his parents an amount he wanted for the car. My Nanny .... Miss Knight at the time wanted to buy the car and Paw Paw ( Cecil) said no she would hurt herself in it. So he sold it to someone else through his parents for a LOW LOW price, not knowing or discussing how much EVERYTHING had gone up in price sense he left. He regretted it; after having come home and not having a car, not being able to use the money from the sell to get another as easily as he imagined it.... and ... Nanny laughed... yep! it could have been mine, ours, but he wouldn’t sell it to me! Which lead into yet another story at the breakfast table over coffee, toast and deer stakes.

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