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Monday, April 6, 2009

troubled machine!!!!!

this is my gravely I'm having trouble with...

While it is a MONDAY... I was able to get out with both of my horses yesterday and again the energy is so rewarding for our typical Monday Bashing...I had several issues over the weekend. My gravely would not start. Of course on the perfect weekend to plant per the farmers almanac. I replaced the dead battery, by passed the starter solenoid and it started so I replaced the solenoid ... but it still will not start with the key. I have now ordered a new key ignition switch and can only wait for it to arrive. Yes I have checked the fuse and it appears to be fine. WHO KNOWS>>> I’ve tried to join a Gravely website discussion but they will not allow me in yet. It’s been three days and no word as to when my name will be approved or not.I am behind on my planting again BUT the low is suppose to be below 30 for the next two nights. SO I didn’t loose too much did I? Although I would have loved to have things in the ground and ready for the next good piece of weather.I have called and volunteered at a local garden... just behind my house Lord’s Acre managed by Susan Sides. While I can not actually see the garden as it is over the hill I can walk to the volunteer post. I will connect more as they open their blogs AND web site. They need all kinds of things but I have barely enough tools to manage my own little plot so I will have to take my own and bring them home again after each visit.Lord’s Acre is going to be growing food for Food for Fairview Program which is perfect!

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