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Monday, April 20, 2009

Lessons Learned Today

Ok... I had a wonderful weekend as my Mother and Bill came to visit. We spent good time together.
One of the things we did Friday ... was try to drive by where I was going to move the horses this weekend but road construction kept us from being able to get close enough to see the pasture. So Sunday when I took the horses over with the help of my lovely assistant, I was in a panic to see the grass was not ankle deep but knee deep.
And while those of you with out horses will never understand the immediate panic, but believe it or not too much grass can make a horse VERY sick, cost MUCH (thousands) in vet bills and leave your horse lame (not able to walk) if not dead in no time from Founder or Colic due to the grass being so rich!
So while I delivered the horses to their new pasture Sunday I also picked up my horses and took them back to the dry lot Sunday. Lesson learned... don’t assume the grass if fine... MAKE SURE it’s perfect BEFORE you load the horses and drive them up and down mountain switchbacks....

Today being Monday ... it was too much to take them back over for more grass but I plan to take them over for three or four hours tomorrow. Building them up to a time when I can leave them 24 hours a day....
Having said that I was working on the gravely today so I can go cut the fields.... I changed out the key as it was horrible and you couldn’t tell if it was working any more. Changed out the solenoid from three to four prong attached everything again... and started it up. Once I got it started and let it run a minute I pulled the engaging pull for the clutch to the bush hog and it died.... Yes died again... to not start again. Blowing a fuze. Ok... so back to the auto parts place closest to my house 9 miles away... Got my money back for the four prong, and they didn’t have the right length fuses...
Traveling all over town finally auto zone had everything BUT now my issue is the three prong I needed and wanted is NOT the right distance for the mounting onto the tractor... so I’ll have to rig the thing on tomorrow so I can go mow that silly pasture.... What a life... What a day... So SECOND Lesson Learned today... go to Auto Zone for small engine parts for the gravely... even if it is a good 20 miles away. Needless to say... it was a beautiful day all morning, and while I was working on the ^$&* thing, but as soon as I got all the new parts; the sun went away and it is raining again. Yea for the rain but couldn't I have gotten the tractor together first? just once? Lesson three it's Monday why would you even attempt the extra work? Leave Mondays alone, even the seemedly perfect ones....
The picture is Navarre's Left eye, notice the lashes... they are white and turn black as they go back ... on both eyes! He has some great markings...


  1. Thanks for the update and for explaining the pic. I had no idea what it was...he is beautiful just like his non-biological Mother!! We had a great time but reading your blog is such a joy. Did not want to eat after our great meal, just wanted to continue to savor the experience.



  2. life... and good food... to savor them is a must! thank you for sharing those experiences with me. Love you.