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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Navarre; my wonderful little Vanner. My little dream come true! I am very lucky that I have a wonderful young lady working with Navarre and myself. While I am much heavier than I used to be I wanted someone of my OLD OLD OLD size to back him more often than I do. While I sit on him on occasion I did not want to be on him everyday. This young lady matches him in beauty and timidness. So she is a perfect fit to assist me with his training, while I am more like a steam engine going too strong all the time. I never let him get by with anything while I am reminding her not to allow him to treat her ill in any way.
I do not have permission from her mother to mention her name on open internet so ... this I will not do at this time. But I so enjoy working with them both as today’s lessons were perfect. Ground work and then relating it to backed work.
As you can see while this little boy is very young he is WIDE... I have to say he sits ever so perfectly. I can not wait for the day I can ride him down the road as I did SweetPea last weekend. Having the option of two horses that are exact opposites of each other is also very fun for me and will allow me to widen and improve my riding skills.
Each day he is more and more like a horse instead of a baby. It is sometimes hard to remember how young he is, which again is why my perfect assistant is the one for the job. I am hoping to convence her to take him to a show soon. I will let you know of our progress as time allows.

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