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Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Productive Day

Although I had to cancel a horse lesson with my wonderful assistant. I feel so badly about having to use the time for other things, but I had gotten so back up due to frazzled days I needed to continue the momentum I was in.

Franklin was out again early this morning... I’m in your yard he said as I answered the phone. I ran out and he worked so diligently. We got it started, turned it off, started it again... then a little of a hitch starting it the third time but... we let it sit for a while so to allow the gas treatment to soak into the carburetor and what not...

Franklin showed up again just before 5pm and the darn thing will not start again... so only time will tell. It keeps blowing the fuse . Now we can only figure to go through it wire by wire

But other than that I got all my horse stuff moved to the shed, got my emergency supplies restocked. Gathered all the grass seed I’d collected over the last 6 months into one place, all while trying to find a muzzle to give to Grace for her Pony. I could NOT find it.

I did however get all my grooming supplies into one large bin as well.

Yes I worked today,! But I was doing all this in between phone calls, invoices and shipping. Life can be good when you work for your self!
The Pictures are... Lolita at the top our little Quaker. Tealie... in the middle my little lovebird. And Maya last but not least as she is our Maximillian Pionus. Tealie is the smalliest, then Lolita then Maya is our largest... They have VERY different personalities.
Maya loves Jerry, the rest love me... birds choose a sex to relate to. it just worked out this way as Maya was the ONE bird I researched and researched before making the leap for 50 plus years..... and she HATES me! unless Jerry is gone for more than two days then she will love on me out of despiration!

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  1. i should stick to dogs then..lol

    give me a call i have a thought on ur fuse problem.