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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Hard Day...

It’s after dark! Incase you haven’t noticed I tend to post EARLY or late (for me). It’s always after dark, not because I’m so busy... please. It’s because I take care of the horses as close to dark as possible. Not only for their sake of spreading out their food source, but because their barn faces a perfect West Sun Set View. It has got to be one of the most peaceful parts of my day. And tonight was no exception. Brightly painted Pink, Orange, Purple sunset allows me to drive home in peace and collect my thoughts of what I did for the day. Was I productive? Or was I am mess?

Today... well it was a mess but I’m ok with that. I have to have these days of messes in order to enjoy the days that are so productive it makes you smile!!!!

Just yesterday I got a call, one I never expected. A voice on the other end explaining about Lord’s Garden behind me... (which I’ve signed up for volunteer work, already) but the explanation was to say they are begging for anything they can. "Is that a Gravely under that tarp in your yard" Well as I replied... She’s not under a tarp today but YES. She just died on me again! The conversation went on .... much information was shared and Franklin was at my house working on my little red Gravely by 8am this morning.

He instructed me on using a voltage meter? Or what ever those things are called. He also gave me Both sides of the story of how to winter proof my little red machine for next winter. It appears as usual... all the issues I am now having I have brought on myself! What’s new? So ... all that to say I spent my afternoon running around, doing research, and getting things I needed to clean this little red machine. Franklin is coming back when he can to work on it himself, as I promised he could use it anytime he needed as long as it didn’t interfere with my working my property. We will work it all out! My thing is I’d rather see it used than to see it sit!

I drained the gas tank, cleaned the gas line, drained the fuel filter, sprayed the carburetor again... and then took off the gas tank because there were CHUNKS of rust that came through the gas I took out. I’ve done what I can by myself and I’ve done all I can for the day!...

I walk into the house smelling like gas or carburetor cleaner, sorry hun I know I stink. Oh no problem; it’s an improvement over the other smells you normally bring home. Can I Get a Break

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