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Thursday, April 9, 2009

No photo,
no work done for the property,
no real progress report, just the mundane.

Today I had to concentrate on getting my out building in place so I now have a place to put the troubled machine and all it accessories. Caulking, paint and peg board will be the next thing I spend money on so to half way organize all the blimey parts. I did NOT put it on the estate, there is not enough traffic to allow my machine to sit there unattened, it's at our current house. As Jerry says... Blocking the view, but necessary.

Almost every man I talked to wanted to know how many attachments I had for the silly old thing. I can only assume they wanted to sell me more. But each nearly gasped when I told him I had everything I needed, EXCEPT the manure spreader. OH!!!!! I can’t help you there, never seen one! Do they still make those things? It would be rotted/rusted out if you found one. Wa wa wa... said Charlie Browns teacher... I’ve shoveled manure one way or another most of my life, I’ll get by with what I’ve got!!!!

What am I mush?... I’d have a new solid pan put in an old thing like Brian did for his at Paradox Farms. It’s a much better design than the 3 to5 piece deals they come with.

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