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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a picture of LAST YEARS sunflowers.. read you will see why.

My paying job for some reason keeps getting in the way, along with the weather! Life is good but with nothing but clay soil; you can't work it when it's so wet or you risk serious clumps that will dry so hard they will not allow seeds to burst through. So I am forced to pay attention to the paycheck, and the weather.

I have to say with bare soil I have been on pens and needles but thus far we have had mostly gray, misty days that have not effected my terain... thank goodness.. While we have been in a serious drought for the last two years we are only 3.73 inches behind as of today... yea!!!!

If anyone has any idea how i can get around my two main issues I am up for suggestions. Other than spending thousands of dollars on new top soil that is... unless someone is willing to donate it! ha ha ha...

At any rate the weather has been wet for the last three day and is expected to break tomorrow. was wet two days before that and never dried. SO>>> Depending on wind and sun I am hoping to get the tractor up and running and start on a part of the pasture ASAP.

On the other hand, my cold crops are looking so good I am ready to start thinning them out. I have SEVERAL... brussel sprout plants in any one wants any. I have Kale of three species looking beautiful, carrots, onions, broccoli, colliflower, and LOTS of lettuce. this chilly but wet time has been wonderful for early crops.

My sunflowers are coming up all over the place as well. What was not seeded by the birds eating from the stalks, I transfered the stalks to the compost pile but stood them up right so to attract animals further from the house. Thus spreading more seeds all over the place. I have several hundrends all over the place and i have NO IDEA which kind they are.

The garden will be hap hazzard BUT BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Much love to you all!

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