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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It is that time of year.

While I have been running like a chicken with my head cut off(like everyone else). I am learning MUCH and I am already making my schedule for what needs to be done this fall.

Gravely was running, but has now thrown bolts, that I have to find and replace, a barring on the most important instrument I have. Somehow popped a piece of metal that steadies/ locks in the angle of the tiller? I am at a loss. BUT the machine allowed the community garden to get done, while I of course still have not gotten my garden completed. I will figure this thing out... I am starting to see why men can't let certain things go.... this blime machine is trying to get the best of me. I'm posting a picture... can you say Electrical melt down?

It has now rained/sprinkled sense Friday, which is a good thing! I am very happy due to all the money/seed I put over on the estate and this mist and sprinkle is only keeping it moist which is perfect! The sun has not been blaring in between sprinkles so there would be no reason for my seed not to get a good start! This is worth NOT having a garden! I can always go purchase some starter plants while my seeds start to take hold for the season. Late gardens are better than no garden BESIDES the frost date is not until May 10th for my area so ... really I ‘m not in too bad of a place.

However my cold crops are about to take over! I have so much I am wanting to offer some to the community for transplant if they will take them. Otherwise I will have to throw out much of my plants or they will start to crowd and kill each other off.

Life at work at getting to be a faster pace and takes me much of the day.

Life in the house is worse because I come in with mud / sand / or horse hair and have no mud room. NOT to mention I am always on the go and NEVER pick up after myself. I’m a slob... (like your typical man... I leave a trail of where ever I want to take my close off till I get to the shower.) I have got to stop this... but... things must be done .

Horses... SweetPea and Navarre are getting cabin fever... with all the rain and the grade of their pasture I can not allow them on the grass for any more than 3 or 4 hours a day, so they are in their small dry lot the rest of the time. And much like any other child they are getting tired of being in close quarters much less together.

I left early Friday morning to drive to Nashville for a birthday party. I would not have done so but how many 7 year old ask NOT to get presents but to have Pajamas purchased for Foster Children so they have a care package when they go to a new home? I had to make sure that deed didn’t go over looked.

So I picked up plastics from Nashville/ Franklin, met Roger in Franklin for lunch, showed up for the slumber party, had breakfast with the "gang" Drove to see my Aunt Gale... of course I missed her, or she was still asleep, drove to see Nanny but nurses had better things for her to do than see me, so I drove to my Daddy’s house, got smaller wheels for the Gravely had more coffee and then on to my Mother in Laws House. Left and got home just about dark.

Sunday ... I was so exhausted I couldn’t stay awake so I slept off and on all day.

Monday ... was a train wreck... boxes in my livingroom and closed my entire desk area in the office. I thought I would never make it through it but we did.
Picked up my truck just before they closed. Oh yea... ABS / Speedometer went out on the truck just before I left. Life never stops!

Tuesday... was full of everything again... rain, rain and more rain. Horses have cabin fever and SweetPea is being horrible to Navarre.

Wednesday. Got the barn Navarre has blood dripping down his leg. Sweetpea is tired of the dry lot, but their pasture is a hill so letting them out on the mud would only cost me grass and money. So I’ll have to lock her in her stall from now on. Locked her up for four hours, let her out and he was limping by the time I got back for lunch. So she is in her stall for the night so he can get some rest of his own.
Because of the rain, it is perfect for the sharing of my extras in my cold frame to the community garden. So plants were plucked/dug up and transplanted today. This way I am not just pinching them off and throwing them away, it's nice to know I didn't waste my money on the seeds! how perfect is that?

My garden...
These Chives, Thyme are doing perfectly! they are beautiful in the garden and in my salads....

Borage is about to take over its little spot. (good in salads and an herbal suppliment).

Sunflowers are all over the place but lost most in the last frost. But if only 1/2 of what I have survive the garden will be BEAUTIFUL and a pleasure to sit in, while it's still cool; drinking my morning coffee.

And the Holly Hocks are much stronger this year. The bird bath (home made from last years sunflower leaves as a mold) gets it's first year of use and the Thyme is all over the place just like I wanted.

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