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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Last Frost Date is TODAY!

So while I have done MUCH sense I last wrote, I have duplicated all my garden work by having sketched it out three times and still I have done it completely different. So I will at some point have to make a sketch of what I am really doing as I have done so much now there is no turning back.

The lavender at the entrance to my little flower garden will have to all but disappear this year, the rosemary bush is GONE, roots and all. BUT in the cold I have planted many wild flowers for next year and there are plenty of sunflowers up about 10 inches this very day. The veggie garden is well MY ISSUE.

I have planted sweet yellow corn on the side closest to the road, so to ward off any more noise the highway creates. But in the corn I have also planted poll beans as my paw paw did... so not to have to make a support but to use the corn as the support. This combo was planted Friday

Today ... I have sculpted out a small triangle of the garden and seeded it today. With Rosemary I can only hope will develop into a hedge! Then Onions of two types... small bunch onions and a row of Valencia Onions. Then the next row is Thyme I hope to have spread and make a new garden rug out of it for next year! I love the way it smell when you walk on it. Then a small area of Nantes Coreless Carrots then the final row is Kohl Rabi. This Kohl Rabi is my one plant to experiment with this year... there is always a new or strange item in my kitchen garden.
The Basil, Sage, Tomato plants are all set and also seeded... for a later crop as well.
Today is THE day to do all my seed planting and it’s a day I can hardly breath.

I took both of the horses to the Biltmore yesterday and rode with a wonderful man I call Mr. Don as many around here see me at "That" age where Mr. ... and last name are not necessary... but... as few my age; I feel like Mr. Mrs. Or sometimes Miss is as important as the yes sir and no man that still happens to roll from my tongue without thought.

At any rate I called Mr. Don and asked if I may ride with him. The pace was so fast I was at full "un-extended" trot or canter for most of the ride. SO... today I can hardly breathe much less work with the horses, clean stalls or much of any thing else. It hurts to breathe, literally. So everything I do I am doing at a VERY Slow pace today.

I shall try to continue my planting today but I have to take breaks as it’s not my legs it’s my back, ribs and neck. From losing my balance and riding like a crazy person yesterday. I don’t mind a bareback horse at trot but when it is for miles and miles with no extension it’s the worst!

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