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Friday, May 15, 2009

LIFE / WEEDS and New Growth

While it is chance of rain for the next four days I had no faith any would make it here, so last night I hooked up the hose, sprinkler, and soaker hoses; tested, set ON and the clouds burst open.

I have taken the camera to the property again to let everyone see what is going on. While most of what I threw down is really a fall type of seed you can see it has at least come up enough to HOLD the next sowing this fall. IF any of it survives the summer it is all the better.
The tall stuff in the back / almost blue is oats or rye I threw down other seeds this spring as this tall stuff will dye off it is not a perennial but an annual grass/feed. I have NOT wasted any money on the outer edges of the pasture as this is where I hope to put my driveway and I am not about to throw out the money and barry it in gravel later.

BUT as you can see there is much brush that still has to be gotten out of the pasture area. This is my headache. Going to property and spraying each little bush with a stem killer that will not kill my grass. There is still no water, no electricity on the property so I have to take everything I need and work it from the back of the truck..

IF anyone has any suggestions on how to make this any simpler PLEASE let me know.
My new water barrel is full from the rain over night! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. This will allow me to easily water the garden this summer. I now have a mere 110 gallons of water BUT it is better than nothing!

50 in my barrel and 64 in my home made container. IF there were a tin roof on this house the containers would get water with each due point in the mornings but it is a normal shinkled roof top and water get trapped more on the sandy surfaces of shingles. Just a note if you want to use barrels and get water each day consider the roofing materials.
things I have to do today...
Empty water at Ann’s house! I was suppose to do this yesterday!
Get more garden soil! This clay is driving me crazy!
Get horses in by 1pm.
Clean Stalls, pasture, hay horses. Check Sweetpea’s feet. Yesterday she had heat in her front feed, but showing no signs of pain.
Plant more food.
Water garden if no rain.
Do returns.
Find camera case/ clean house.
This is my life in a nut shell.
Simple but busy.

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  1. The grass looks really green, proving the "grass always looks greener somewhere else" Thanks for sharing....