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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Well, lets see.

Sense last I have really posted, I've given myself a black eye, planted lots of food, stocked the barn for the next months hay!  ( I hope it last a month, given it's going down to freezing again tonight!)

I have such a to do list I ... it should be in hard bound instead of so many separate pieces of paper!   Basicly I have a need to plant something every night for the next month ... in order to get my garden in the ground.  having said that! If I get a day off I could probably knock it out in 12 hours.

I did get corn, peas potatoes,asparagus, and more lettuce in the ground yesterday! Already up are the broccoli, brusselsprouts, green cabbage, red cabbage, Asian cabbage, thymes, sages of many kinds, chives, garlic, shallots, and cilantro.  So we shall see how everything else comes along.

oh yea! the black eye thing, stupid, but I was pulling on my hot water hose trying to wind it as large as possible, when the end came up a little faster, and a little lighter than I expected... popping up and hitting me in the eye.  Thank goodness the silly thing hit the bone around my eye as I was trying to close my eye and react to object flying at my face.  I ended up with a beautiful black eye that eventually faded into the best eye shadow I'd ever had! encouraging me to do my shadow differently from now on.  So lessons learned.  Watch what you are doing! and hey as the rest goes south... take the eyeshadow north! ha ha ha...

Got 50 bails of hay to the barn, had it not turned into freezing cold again I would have expected these to last me a while but... having shaved the horses, packed the blankets, I'm paying for my preparedness... with my hay rations.  DARN! I was doing so good!

BUT the shave paid off with Navarre! He rides longer without all that hair! no huffing or puffing, no sweating 1/2 mile down the road.  It was great!   I got to get out with the horses, ride with a helper around the estate, and RELAX for a while.

We got so much done after our ride.  We cleared the hay from around my water container, put stepping stones in the kitchen garden at the entrance, cleaned hay stall and filled it with hay,feed, and FLY control!

oh well... hope to take pictures soon.  I'm just on the move so much I dare not carry the camera with me yet! once I get my new schedule down pat... I'll consider it more!

Till then... Much love to you all

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