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Thursday, February 2, 2012

I can't do much more of this...

Navarre is getting out EVERY DAY! I can't take the stress.
I have a guy coming to help me get some new fences set in concrete with wood, and electric fencing ASAP... My issue is time, working around the horses, and MONEY...

why is it the basic things still cost money?
Just joking... I've been saving up for some new fencing, but Navarre is kicking all my plans into high gear.

I need another solar charger for the woods, so I can run TWO lines of electric on it instead of just one bare line and three ribbon lines.   I am also going to use some of my small locus trees as some of the fencing we shall see how it compared to the treated lumber all work out.  But even with treated lumber and painted... I will run electric on it to keep him from pushing it over.    He is so strong! and so hairy he doesn't feel the electric and the fencing is just a toy to him.  So I think the appearance of Stallion fencing is going to be my only way to keep him in.

Oh well... so much for a relaxing weekend.   More rain... more fencing... ?


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