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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finally I can start to breathe

With the help of two men, actually four but only two at a time, we got the fence 98% done!  And just in time!

As Navarre's back is getting tighter and tighter, I finally have a place he can't so easily get out and into the grass. His gate/ movements are still well, and just today he ran around the pasture as I chased him back to the paddock, beautiful as he moves, but the grass being so deadly is mind boggling to me.

It is the most difficult type of torture ... I'm not able to allow my little boy to relax and graze like any other horse in the world.  What little grass he got while the barrier of fence and pasture was weak, down, or I was too weak to fight him off and work at the same time almost did him in this week.

The grass is greener everyday and thus we completed my little fence just in the nick of time.  Hopefully this will save my little boy much of the pain he has experienced over the past few years come spring.  Hopefully this will allow me time to sit, breathe, and admire my little boy having that much longer of a life.

Fence is up! We shall see how long this one last!

My love to the world

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