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Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekend chores

While the fence has 2% more to go...  my next issue is going to be all the bugs this spring.  Those tiny flying things that can annoy even Mother Teresa, are already here! I can only imagine what having no real winter is going to do for my fly situation! Not to mention, ticks, lice, and everything else that can cause a horse issues.

Feed through fly treatment already in the works.  I purchased extra fly traps last year that I plan to put into effect tomorrow/ Saturday as the expected rain moves out of town.

Today however is ... already wearing on my joints so something is in the air.

The hose pipe is still connected as I was not expecting a freeze today,tonight or tomorrow allowing me time to bleach out the water bucket Saturday and filling it back up just in time for a Sunday night freeze.

Navarre with all his issues, he has a weird thing about water.  He... doesn't drink very often only causing us ( he and myself) more issues.  A daily dose of Vit E, Salt/electrolytes and a muscle developer are all a part of his daily dosages.  But more often than not no matter what I do he doesn't like water.

Sweet Pea on the other hand will drink out of a dirty hole in the ground!

My love to the world...

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