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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Very Little time, Very Little space.

I have been working several jobs non stop for almost two weeks now.  I am VERY tired and have had no time to share what is going on with Navarre.

Lets just put it all in perspective.  I have never been in the same state and not taken care of my horses till now.  I went three days begging others to take care of my kids as I worked... I had not had many hours during the winter, the place needed it, I needed the work and my boss needed the coverage so she could go on vacation.

It all worked out but I was worried ... three days I did not feed my own horses... I begged a neighbor... I begged the husband... and I begged a happen stance / change of a friend calling and wanting manure... SURE IF you do this for me you can have all you want... ha ha ha...

With the new fence Navarre is doing much better! But for three days they only had hay, no feed, no oil , no supplements etc... it is all too confusing for others to do.  YES I have pre-measure bla blah blah.... BUT not with the oil, and too much oil can give them diarrhea.  Not something I wanted to inflict and not be around to take care of.  SO a bail of hay when ever everyone else could get around was all I asked for.   It worked out well as Navarre apparently got time to soften up a little more... NOT being able to get out! it worked... had the old fence been in place I would have been tending to them in the middle of the night!

I have two guys I am suppose to pick up Saturday so we can finish some things, start some other things, and take care of yet another project that is mid stream.    The to do list is in the making!

Life is good,
Life is hard,
Life is very tiring with the time change.



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