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Monday, March 19, 2012

I thought it was getting better.

Thought it was getting better! but of course Sweet Pea has been sick now for three days, and Navarre is starting to show signs.  Vet has been in, shots, blood, and test all done.

my next step is taking a core of my hay to have it tested.  With all the dampness in the weather I am afraid no matter how well I've kept my hay it could have spores I am not smelling or seeing as I open the bails.  Their stomachs are tight as drums but no other signs of issues as of tonight.  But Saturday poor girl would not eat, drink or hardly move.

Heart beats are both normal.
no one has a temperature, all is normal.
no pulse on their feet.  for those who are not horse people ... this is a GOOD thing.

they both have forward and back gut sounds.... left and right....
but their bellies are tight at drums... ? oh well.... each day is but another step in caring for an animal with no English skills... ha ha ha...

Life!... I'll be running home each day during lunch to see if they are ok!
I'll be going crazy till I get my core test back.  I may send in my feed as well just to make sure.
Thank goodness for County Extension offices...

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