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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

sent away a core for my hay!

Horses are still not any better! They are eating, they are not stomping or showing outward signs of issues EXCEPT their stomachs are still a little tighter than they should be.  

NO temp's 
NO slow moving. 
NO stomping rolling etc... BUT  all is NOT as it should be.

Got the core reading back from the test co.  
Sure enough there are MINER traces of mold developing on my hay.  It has been in the perfect dry all its time, got it from a VERY reliable source.   I have cut back on their hay and started in on another source of my hay.  I have no idea how it happened EXCEPT I stack my hay well ... and the air has been moist ... I will remember now each time I get hay to separate and expose a little more to air than I normally do. 

Getting the kids started slowly on yet my other barn of hay.  
I shall let the world know if it makes any difference! Other wise I have no idea what I will do as Navarre can not eat that hay stretcher ... it has too much sugar in it. 

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