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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

getting softer.

Well, after only a week not being exposed to ANY grass what so ever Navarre is starting to get softer once again.  I hate not being able to allow either of my horses on grass, as Sweet Pea should have as much as she wants.  But Navarre gets in such a dither even if she is only on the other side of the fence.  I shall take him for a ride Sunday and allow her time on the "green" as we are gone.

I can not take him for a long ride as he still has no shoes, and frankly I dare to NOT put them back on saving me yet another Two Hundred dollars once again for the possible winter months left.

While most are sure spring is here to stay, just this morning it was 23 degrees and expected to get into the high 50 by days end... then back into the 20's yet again.

We typically can get snow here well into April, and tomato plants are not encouraged till AFTER Mother's Day in our little mountain range.  So... I still have two full months of possible freezes and I plan to save what little money I can with the possibility of such ice, I dare not hammer out snow balls or ice balls from his feet! thus allowing him to pull the kids UP the mountain if we get enough for sledding.

My love to the world..

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