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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

4 days ...

It has only taken me 4 days to get my head above water with this electronic issue ...

I am not done as this moment but I hope to be back on firm ground as of tonight.  Although we shall see how tired I am.

My plan for the day is ... Tractor Supply, Southern States, and a truck load of MEN! Yep! I hope to pick up some Vets at the Vets Quarters and get some assistance with Digging, Setting and putting up some fencing.  Life is too short to be so worried every moment as I drive to the barn.

My farm hand got lots done, but his other job is delving into my time line and it's turning into an emergency...
Can't allow this fencing issue to extend into Spring... not that this winter hasn't already been acting like spring.
As buttercups/ daffodils are all bloomed out, Phlox is pink, winter jasmine bloomed all winter, and the witch hazel tree is all but in leaves...   So much for a yellow spring!

On to work, On to the computer issues, data entry mostly at this point! Other than insurance quotes needed for shipping that still do not work on one of the programs... ? ugh....

Life... it keeps rolling no matter!

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