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Friday, February 17, 2012

computer died... again.

I've not been around, as my computer once again decided to die!   At least this time I had called the computer guy and it DIED on him!   I am so happy it happened to him, not me, although being with out ... felt like forever! ... but only a few days.

I've not much time as I have much computer work for Pirates' Lair to catch up on, as shipping and billing all stopped in the process! Yep!

So I've one person working on a fence, although he didn't show up once this week due to rain!
So I have supplies to complete the fencing at the barn, then we move on to the pasture fencing.  This should help keep Navarre in more often than not.

Oh well.  just glad it's winter and very little grass, or green at all on our little wooded lot.

Love to the world ( now that I have a connection to it)

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