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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WOW... what a task

It is funny!   I think all the plans for this ride from Asheville to Nashville with my two "children" HORSES is more  of a mental exhaustion than I EVER expected it to be.

Calling HP
Calling forest rangers
Making sure I am getting EVERYTHING for the horses as well as myself.  (REI has got to love me by now)

I am about to start driving my route to make my final decisions.
I may even knock on a few doors as ask for help ahead of time just to see how things may work.  Although you have to admit, people are going to be more likely to turn me away while I am in a car ... as apposed to when I am holding the led of two horses.  You gotta laugh!

But once again I am hoping humanity will show a bright light and allow me a safe, short (meaning without issues) eventful trip.

I know my camping skills will be tested,
my patience with my horses, as I can only expect at some point they will get loose?  You gotta have a plan.
I wonder more about my own body holding out, being able to do all I am going to ask of it! But ... if not I'll cut back my daily trek and "recalculate" as all the GPSs say!

Much love to the world...
Hope you get to read my riding blog .... click here! ...
if not I hope you are enjoying your own time with your animals etc...


  1. Not sure if Amanda told you, but you are welcome in Celina Tennessee. I asked my mom and dad and they said they would be glad to help. If you send me your projected route I might be able to find some other stopping points for you as well! Good Luck. Loren

  2. sent you a personal message AND a link to the ride blog... let me know if you don't get it!