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Saturday, November 5, 2011

something about me.

I have found I do my writing early in the morning before the sun comes up, or late at night when I should be asleep.

My mind runs amok ( as a child story teller would say) with imaginative things for my week, life, and my present day.  Today is always my first thing to mind.  Making it good, making it right (regardless of society) and making my day fit who I AM not who someone wants me to be.

Today is paperwork day...
but I have to do 6 horses, then mine.
I need the feed store to have all my supplies! ha ha ha
I need go to the banks before they close.
I need to relax at some point today

Then I will work on my route some more for the ride.   This is a harder task than I ever imagined... BUT! it is what it is and needs to get done.

I also at some point need to find my panniers and get some on their way to me... so I can take off for the weekend and get get in some good camping to work out some kinks.

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