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Saturday, November 19, 2011


"Life is not the years you live, but the LIFE in your years"...  Abraham Lincoln

One one of the many quotes I love!

But my adventures as of late while NOT horse related always revolved around travel and animals.

I have to say with going to Ecuador if I ever wanted to jump on a band wagon it would be one to save the Amazon.    The area not of my favorite in the world but the potential and the resources are at a minimum.  the rain forest there needs a rest, needs to be protected and the people need life resources.  As with any where else the area is in need of money and they give away things others will take advantage of.  I can only pray a local gets the education, experience, and goes back to share it with his or her family, neighbors, and community.    I am an outsider and can not do this for them.  It needs to be one of them! BUT in reality they have little chance of doing so IF any.

I do not trust most organizations that say they will help, as they do not educate, they just insist on change, that their way is better, when in fact it may NOT be.  It needs to be someone that can speak their language, live their life style, and SHARE ideas and education.    I only wish I was such a person!   I can not speak Spanish much less their language (of which I can't spell)

after a little rain... 
SAVE the Amazon is all I can do! One more thing on my next life list!

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