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Friday, November 11, 2011

Funny thing about horses.

Jerry comes to the barn today and wonders why we have Navarre locked in the barn stall.  

I never lock him up! 

I had just fed both horses, and Sweet Pea will NOT defend her food in front of the kids! Lily, Grace and Brenda were at the barn as well.  They have all see it, Sweet Pea will not defend her food till we all turn our backs, and are walking out of the barn yard.  Then you hear a thud, and a grunt! she has kicked or bitten him.  

When the kids are there she will only kindly nip at his face to get him out of her bowl.  So we all got tired of him pushing her around and started locking him in the stall.  Of course he quickly figured out how to open the 200lb door, so we had to adapt its lock system with each try.  I think we have it about down pat, but he uses his brain I'm sure he'll figure out something! 

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