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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

fast pace...

I had a wonderful weekend with Tabatha!!~     I love it when she is here, hate it when she leaves, and can only plan another time for us to get together.

I have done very little on my trip plans.
I can not ride Navarre as much as I need as pads were not poured in his feet this time.  my fault! I wasn't there for the farrier, so I can't expect him to read my mind. I am afraid the hard cold road will cause him to founder... rotating the coffin, and allowing the hoof to separate! it is common among wagon horses so I have to prevent instead of have him lame... and costing me more money in the long run.

Awaiting results of epm test on Navarre! (lucky me... one more issue with this horse)

Having water delivered for the water container hopefully Thursday.

Decks are up but no railings yet. I am contemplating something crazy! three decks, three different railings? we shall see.

Rocks are up against the mud wall for winter... DONE!

I have straw to put around water container as soon as it gets filled.

Need to work on routes...

Have several horse clients this week. WED ,and the WEEKEND...

Need to winter emergency food for my horses as soon as I can, we have after all already gotten our first sweet snow.  Tabatha was here! Not even November, and it was spitting sleet, then turned into snow Saturday.

I need more hay for the barn as soon as I can. already on winter quantities...

ALL of this has to get done in the next week!

WISH me LUCK! or ... expect me to be gone for a while as I desperately need a vacation!

signing off as desperate!

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