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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Where I left off.

These are the markers of a driveway on Sugar Hollow, a drive merely to a barn and NOT to a residence.  I so enjoy these markers.  At glance they look nice but not so interesting you have to stop, but if you are one of the many walkers OR one of the many horse riders on the road you get time to really look.  And when you do, you see beautiful details.

Apparently made by an artest, the life they show is amazing!  It is all in the small details of which I must show more closely.

This Orange and Yellow Flower adorns both sides of the drive. Look at the nails/thorns, but notice the delicate flower petals, such an enjoyable piece to look at, but one of the many things people drive by and never notice on this road.

These beautiful Yellow flowers only adore ONE side of the drive but make a bright beautiful statement, so those looking for the place notice the brightness from under the canopy of shading trees no matter the time of year.

This bird is one of the hidden things you don't see unless you really look, but one of my favorite aspects of this driveway marker.
One last thing... is the lanterns IN the cacti... when light shines they are impressive!

While the people on this road take EXTRA time and care to their properties... There are things in your everyday drive that you are missing.  What can you notice today? What little thing can you find to make you smile on your way to work? On your way home after a hard day?
Life... We sometimes have to search out the unusual.  Tell me what you find!

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