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Friday, October 30, 2009

One of those days.. You just gotta LAUGH

On my way to the barn the first thing I pass it the little healthy market ( Trout Lily) not two doors down from my house. She (Susan.. The owner) always has a good container of hot coffee, choices of tea, breakfast breads and sandwiches for lunches. This is the place I stop on my way out with the horses in the trailer on our way to the Biltmore. Even with all the cold weather we have already experienced this year Susan has a beautiful container of herbs, purple flowers rolling over the decking where people sit outside at the tables she has provided.

Trout Lily has many local conventional food items, but also carried a good assortment of Organic, Gluten Free, Dairy Free items for those of us who need or want to experience something a little different. I personally am addicted to her dried fruits, nuts and some gluten free chips, pastas and flours.

I got to the barn with no real issues, after getting the trailer un hitched and getting on my way. I so desperately needed to clean the stalls and dry lot and it hasn’t rained for 3 days so I was desperate enough to TRY to get the truck to the stalls. I got started in the gate with no issue; as soon as I turned the wheel to get the tail end up the hill and into the stall the truck slid down the hill and into the fence. CCCRRAAACCCKKKKKK goes the old wooden fencing. The entire left side of the truck rest on the old fence that leaned down the hill as if not staked in cement and we… fence, truck and myself could roll down the mountain at any moment. I had to get out of the truck to see what damage I had caused. Climbing up hill to the passenger side throwing the door open with my left arm as I held on for dear life with the right. Ok I got myself into this, now how am I going to get out? I knew my only hope was weight in the backend so I cleaned one of the stalls and loaded the tail end of my little truck ¼ of the way full with Manure. I was just about to stop when I my gut said I needed just one more bucket full into the bed when… I was loosing stamina The bottom of the bucket hit the tailgate, I lot my balance and as if in a slow motion black and white movie with expressions and pale paces. I stumbled back the length of the tailgate, hit the fence and both of my feet came out from under me at the same time while this HUGE FULL muck bucket comes on top of me. My “tuckus” hit the ground and the nutrient rich contence covered my chest, went over my shoulders as the juices from my tail were splashing up my arms and over my legs. All I could do is laugh while the moisture seeped through my jeans, my long johns and my under garments. Brushing off was really mute by the time, I got up laughing so hard my stomach hurt, but I needed more manure, I needed to get myself out of this mess. I did get the truck moved somewhat, nose pointed up hill, no longer in danger of rolling sideways down the mountain, more weight was needed.

The task at hand got easier as I took old advise from a wise man at Paradox Farm, why do you fill those buckets so full? He would ask… because I am young enough to do it, and it keeps me in shape. Well today was the day I am no longer young enough and no longer in good enough shape to lift a 50lb bucket of wet contents over my head into a truck bed or even into an open tailgate … times have changed and my life style much make necessary accommodations based on my abilities. While the extra time added up and will effect the rest of my day, it surely saved my back and my physical ability to get this situation I created under control.

We all have those days, but today was literally a s#*!% day !

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  1. Could you place a "WARNING MAY BE HARMFUL TO FAMILY" at the beginning of a story life this? Visions of you being there all alone make me gringe. I don't even want to think about the smell of the MUCK!! YUCK....