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Thursday, October 1, 2009

LONG STORY will Follow.

Life is a ride, but what kind of ride is something that continues to go up and down, good and bad, happy and depressed.

I have a list of CRAP life has dealt me as of late…. I’ll get back with each of them as time allows… But in the last 15 days it’s been a roll down hill.

Lost the Hydraulics in my work truck,

Lost the Front End on my work Truck two separate work orders!!!!!

Horse has been sick this entire time, still running a low grade fever even today, The vet has been out once a week! $$$ time and stress!!!!!

One of the birds is having a mental break down picking his feathers till his skin bleeds, (it’s really a sexual frustration…. Breeding season)

It has rained here so much I couldn’t work on the estate, couldn’t get my fall pasture perfect, couldn’t get my apple trees planted.

I can deal with the normal

SweetPea throwing a shoe, Rail Shoe at that… Pad and all!

Got a new computer that will NOT work.. Brand new and the letter K sticks so bad you have to pry it up to continue to type.

Got a new camera that takes pictures so large I need to figure out how to shrink them BEFORE they go on my computer memory.

Neighbors dog came into my basement and ATE my cleaned horse brushes, tennis shoes, winter work boots and dragged all kinds of crap from my basement to the neighbors house.????? What is up with this? Does anyone watch their animals anymore? (yes hostile)

Can you imagine how easy it was to clean stalls, muck dry lot in the pouring rain ,WITH OUT the truck, life has been @*%!# lately!

I need to get back to work but wanted to let everyone know I am still alive! I am kicking, I'm just having a hard time with everything ... "Karma" I suppose!

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