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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rain Rain rain....

A picture of Navarre only HOURS after having a bath! my little piglet, does nothing but eat and get dirty!!!!!

Another Cold Rainy day... horses were put out in the rain... maring up the pasture... back into what to should be a dry lot but, is as of today a bog! Sweetpea is still wearing her tattered blanket and good news has not lost a shoe yet!

life continues in the rain, my overalls are heavy with mud, muck and rain my rain boots are getting to be too cold and about to be packed away. So the new winter boots are about to be broken in quickly, just in time for our trip to Honduras in December.

Navarre is miserable but not much I can do about it. He is not cold with all that hair, but SweetPea will not allow him in the barn, she darts in and out being afraid of the sound of the rain hitting the metal roofing. Crazy girl, miserable boy!

In the house, we are cold and about to turn on the winter heat. High today is in the 50's low in 40's but tommorow... high in low 50's and low in the 30's at that point we will have to turn on the heat, till then.... I have on three tops, two pair of socks, did have on two pair of pants but gross things came through the insulated overalls to my second pair of pants. So they had to go to the washer!

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