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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Should I be alarmed at the smell of smoke?

Today is Saturday, but I must back up to yesterday.

Yesterday... Friday was a cold, wet miserable day, but one I got much work done and got to check out the Craft Fair before it closed for the day. The Highlands Craft Fair is at the Conference center down town. I walked, I looked and as normal it was too craftsy for me ... so after making sure I had seen EACH vender I turned around and went to purchase TWO bells I will use for the horses. I came home and went through my nightly chores. Man it was cold last night, and into this morning.

But today, Dark, Dank, and sometimes rainy... I let the horses out, cleans my three buckets/stalls and went out to REI to return a jacket I purchased for Emma but didn't need to give her. (her jacket and Amanda's Jacket were the only things we had in the car when the horses ran away last weekend... I blogged about it... I think)

I returned the jacket, walked around because they were having a fall festival in the town square, got some magazines, a cup of cider, a red velvet cup cake and walked out. Not two feet out the door I dropped my cider with out having ever gotten a smell of it, much less the first sip. Life happens! I did get the eat the cup cake! delecious!

I walked, I then stopped to get paper for the office on my way home. Got nasty shoes, nasty jacket and went to get the horses in ... same routien... food, water, and hay. I left after checking Sweetpea's blanket and Jerry called to see if he could go down town with me. I was shocked... frankly I was stuned into a silence but somehow got out YES, I'd love for you to go.

I got gas and picked him up on the way back. For those of you whom have NO IDEA... I never mention my husband Jerry. We rarely do anything together except, WORK, Sleep, vacation, and sex. The rest of the time we really lead seperate lives, which for us works, but I do miss having a friend to just walk around with. Today... well we walked around town, ate lunch/dinner, an inbetween thing... got tea for me, and after walking almost all of down town sweets. It was a lovely day, although it was dark, wet, and windy beyond the date, feeling more like late November than mid October, but lovely for me all the same. It's so nice we like the same things, are drawn to the same things and he doesn't or didn't complain about how many stores I wanted to go into today.

I got home started looking through my mags I got earlier and what did I see? Navarre! Yes WITHOUT imagination... Navarre has now been published as an add in the Asheville mag page 43 this month... When our new camera comes back from repair...long story... I'll take a picture and post it here, but in the mean time I'm posting my copy of the picture!

Here we are at home, it's nearly 6:30 and I walk upstairs to type this out.. and it smells like smoke. He finally broke down and turned on our heat. The only thing in this stone house, with NO insulation, real plaster walls is base board heaters... so our electric runs about 400 a month to stay in the 60's ... So not only did I mean should I be alarmed at the smell of smoke for a fire reason but now I should be alarmed at the next electric bill. YUCK....

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  1. That is one amazing picture of him. He looks great. So glad you got to spend some time walking in and out of stores. Just being and sharing that with someone else often makes all the difference. Glad you had such a good day.

    I love you deeply.