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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Busy Day.

Up by 5am---- trying to pack everything, double check my list, have prices in my head and on my items, run to feed the horses JUST as the sun is wanting to come up. Rushed back to the house got Jerry up and rushed to the tack swap!

Sold Joe's three HUGE blankets!

And I got rid of several little things I can't use anymore and have no room for! I am hoping to put the rest on e-bay later this month!

Jerry came back for me about 12 he broke down the tent and I came home with only one box out of three.

Rushed to let the horses out, ran to get more Sand Clear, trust me a 3 lb bucket will not last a week for two horses.... and no one keeps in more than one bucket in stock. It has been stated to me by SEVERAL companies in the area ... "we're not in Florida... we don't have sand issues" I love it when people tell me what my problems CAN'T be!!!! Especially in a rocky, mountain area, meaning we live on Lime Stone!!!! what is most sand??? Lime Stone.... Please! Just sell me the crap!

Back to the horses by 5 get them out of the pasture, pack Navarre's Right hind foot. I'm trying a new application for his Thrush, I'll let you know how it goes if it works. mixed a solution for SweetPea who has Fungus, Barn Rash or Rain Rot what ever you want to call it. Applied it to her, fed them and FINALLY came home for the day.

Tomorrow is suppose to be a good day and I hope to pack Navarre's Left foot! I hope this packing thing works.... It is hard on my back!

I took the pictures of the apples, wasp, and yellow jackets... this one is a little morbid but I like it!

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