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Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Report

Saturday.. I took the horses out for a little ride. I Ponied Navarre, while I was riding SweetPea ... we only went around the block, round trip is just barely over 4 miles, but a good little ride for Navarre. Everything is mostly up hill.

Navarre was wet when we got back around 3pm and when I went back at 6:30 he was still soaked. So I have to watch how late I take him out from here on.

Sunday I loaded SweetPea up by 11am got to Susans as we rode from the back of Barewallow to the other side of Little Pisqua, it took us about 5 hours round trip. It was wonderful, beautiful, peaceful and just plain perfect.

I'm soar today ... not my legs but my ribs, back and stomach. If you want to work your core try riding over two mountains bareback for hours at a time. ha ha ha...

Jerry and I just went walking on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The leaves are almost gone due to all the wind and rain but it is still beautiful over here.

OH YEA... While I have asked, begged and pleaded for people to come see us over here. DON'T...
I 40 had a rock slide and will closed for MONTHS... so right now there are only back roads to get from North Carolina to Tennessee. I need to travel home, now I am deciding do I want to go through Chattanooga or Johnson City ???? either way is HOURS out of the way.

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