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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Beautiful Fall.

This is our back yard Sunday,the clouds were amazing!

Fall weather has been all over the place. Sunday although I went riding my first morning panic was the ice on the shield of my little car. How am I going to get the horse out long enough on the grass so I don't have to feed them heavy grain before I go riding if I can't find my ice scraper? I turned on the car defroster and went back in for another cup of lavender tea. I got an old credit card they send you in your trash mail ... that I hadn't put through the shreader yet ... and used it to scrape the shield. My panic quickly passed, but my mind still ran wild with, what will I wear? it is suppose to be 60 degrees and I'll get too hot or too cold? But it all worked out SO PERFECTLY. attached are a few pictures, Jerry took them while I was out riding my horse Sunday as it was easier for him to stop shoot while on his motorcycle. I was afraid to take a camera, riding bareback for such a long up mountain trip, so I got left out on the photo contributions...
It is so nice we have such seperate hobbies, it allows up something to talk about when we get home.

This is just a "snap" of the beautiful views I have driving up the mountain to the barn. This slow drive is rich with the community activity, rarely do you drive up this road and not see someone out with their child, walking their dogs, or even pushing their cats in a stoller/carrier. People here are just active, and incouraged to be as much ... it is so quiet, beautiful. Who wouldn't want to be out on a road like this?

While today is Tuesday, my schedule appears full. I hope to get back on later today and write more, I miss being able to post and let people know what is going on over here.

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  1. Amber, this is the most amazing entry I've read. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and world. Nannie would love to hear this, I will copy and read to her.

    Love you,