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Monday, October 12, 2009

Catching up!

Amanda and Emma came into town last Thursday and my time was spent with them the entire time they were here.

Thursday Emma was eager to help me go feed the horses but missed the old Fletcher Barn just down the road. It's not the barn she misses it the Rope hanging from the rafters she loves to swing on. It was the perfect place for kids to be mostly safe and have a great time.

Friday we took the horses out for a short ride. Emma rode Navarre from Joe's house down to the Ager/Clark compound Ring. The area was full of people... getting apples, meat and having a good family time picking out the perfect pumpkin etc... We ment to get cider but forgot!

Emma Rode Navarre back to Joe's house up to the barn, and we headed out for our own little adventure on the estate... Not really but Emma wanted to play on "HER ROCK" so we sat there while she played in the clay.
At which time... Joe called and the horses were out! we rushed to the barn as fast as we could found the horses and got them back in. They were down the road around a curve and eating someones yard. As I walked them back with only jackets around each of their heads... you could see where Navarre had run for dear life to keep up with SweetPea. He is a stout horse, She is a fast one. Not wanting to be left behind his hoof prints were deep and prominant on the rocky road back to the barn.

Thank goodness Amanda and Emma allowed me to use their jackets. With no ropes, no string etc... it would have been impossible to get those kids back in. It all worked out ok, we got them in just before the sun was going to set. No heat in their legs, no new cuts, and no limping that I could tell. Disaster dodged...

Saturday, we went shopping to replace the jacket I was sure I had ruined guiding the horses back to the barn. Rain was only a sprinkle so it allowed us most of the day to shop. Time got away from us and before we had eaten lunch it was time for dinner. Back to the house and watching a movie Emma brought to share with us. Good times!

Sunday... I was asked to ride with my normal group from Sugar Hollow and I told them I would be late (for once) Emma and Amanda left early so I could get out and ride. I of course forgot my bridal, it was still hanging from the cleaning. When I drove down to the barn one of the tree didn't seem to happy to wait on me so I told them to go ahead with out me. Which was the perfect thing to do, I went to the Biltmore with BOTH of my horses and had a much better time alone, and we all three got a great workout.

This was my first time out with SweetPea Bareback and ponying Navarre. As bad as he looked he was still a show stopper, with clay stains, yellow mane and tail due to EVERYTHING being in it!

He did well with no shoes. No limping, no rocks in his feet at the end of the day. Life is good.

Today... is Monday...
Normally a horrible day but today USPS is closed down so I could take a minute and get this posted. Back to work!

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